How do I become a member?
We’d love to invite you into our church family. Pastor Clagg can meet with you personally at a time convenient for all, to discuss becoming a member.

You can contact him at the following:
Phone: 724-774-3792

What is the best way to get there?
We are located on Adams Street in Rochester, which is Route 68. You can find directions on Google Maps by clicking here, and typing in your starting location.

Where do I park?
There is street parking located around the building on Adams St, New York Ave, Ohio Ave, and Jackson St. There is also a parking lot open across Adams St on Sundays.

If there are no open spots, there is also street parking on surrounding streets that you may use.

What is the best door to use to enter the building?

Our Worship services take place in the sanctuary, which is most easily accessed through the Adams St entrance. 
The Ohio Ave and New York Ave entrances take you to the floor below the sanctuary where you can access the sanctuary by steps at end of the Sunday School classroom hallway or by elevator at the Ohio Ave entrance.

Sunday School can also be accessed through the Ohio and New York Ave entrances or Adams St entrance and down stairs

I cannot get up the stairs, is there an entrance for me?
Yes, at the Ohio Ave entrance we have a ramp leading to a touch free door. Once inside, there is an elevator that will take you up to the sanctuary level. 

What should I wear?
We do not have a dress code; you can dress up or dress more casual. 

What is the service like?
We have a traditional worship service which includes readings from the Bible, music, prayers, Holy Communion, a children’s sermon, and a sermon given by Pastor Clagg. A bulletin is handed out as you come in, which contains the entire service and announcements.  You may receive communion at the altar or in your pew by taking one of the prefilled communions available as you enter the sanctuary.