Go on Believing!

Philippians 3:12-4:1 are great verses to consider as we continue celebrating our Lord’s resurrection victory and what He means to us. As we press on toward the goal of God’s perfect presence, the risen Lord presents himself bringing encouragement, protection, guidance, and new life.

Our risen Lord surprises us by reaching back into our present with blessings flowing from the throne of God, blessings which have their source in God’s future. During these Fifty days of Easter we go on believing as the risen Lord directs and guides. The alternative is to reject and minimalize the new life delivered in the victory of Christ.

These earthy patterns of disbelief are powerful, real, and tempting but the influence, presence, and victory of our risen Lord is perfectly greater: Now and Forever. Amen

Go on believing as we look forward to Pentecost, the day we celebrate the Holy Spirit, God’s presence of healing, forgiving, inspiring, and uniting. Go on believing with our Confirmands on June 8th Pentecost Sunday and beyond.

Come and See,

Pastor Gregory Clagg