Abraham believed The Lord. Genesis 15:6

Muslim, Christian, Jew, hold sacred God’s relationship with Abraham. Before the laws, ordinances, and doctrine of these faith traditions were set in stone, God blessed Abraham – Abraham believed!

One family built upon faith in The Almighty, one people called to serve. Imagining Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed fighting and destroying one another seems absolutely foolish. So why do family members of The Almighty’s household redefine faithful service to include so much foolishness?

We are a people called to serve one God. This service is self giving, attentive, compassionate, helpful, caring, and covered in humility because we are mere mortal followers of our Leader. All too often rebellion supplants faithful service, seeking to destroy the one people of God. Serving The Lord becomes self concerned, territorial, and divisive. Such service is to the little gods, not The Almighty God of Abraham.

It is God’s time for all children of Abraham to go global in faithful service.

Gregory Clagg

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